We offer several advertising opportunities within the Box of Light platform including one prime display space or two smaller tiles on each weekly report and our partner placements.

To make an enquiry please email Derek at with some information about your brand. We will work with you to deliver an advertisement that delivers something special for our subscribers and communicates your message with style.

About our subscribers...

Target subscribers to Box of Light are between the ages of 20 and 65. They live, have lived in, or have visited New Zealand, and have a connection to the beach and mountain lifestyle here. Most of them associate themselves with the beach and mountain culture, while many surfed here at one stage or another. About 20% of them are students, with more than 65% working for above-average salaries in office environments in cities throughout the world. They live an active lifestyle and like to spend their money on their leisure time and recreation. Box of Light subscribers love a variety of sports and regularly pay to watch sport live or tune into webcasts. They also enjoy a wide range of music and travel experiences.*


Box of Light is distributed directly to a large permission-based database of subscribers every Tuesday at 10:30am. Each weekly report is also archived on this website with features appearing on and

It's free to subscribe ... and always will be thanks to our awesome advertisers.

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