Welcome to Box of Light, your weekly dose of stoke from the surf lifestyle and culture of New Zealand’s beaches and mountains, served in photography.

Box of Light is spearheaded by a series of stunning images from local photographer Derek Morrison. Each week he climbs out of bed early and photographs the surf and beaches around New Zealand and the people that play in them. This weekly report is then emailed every Tuesday for Box of Light’s growing database to enjoy at their morning smoko break.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who shoots all the photos?
A: Box of Light is produced each week by photographer Derek Morrison.

Q: What cameras do you use?
A: Derek shoots on Canon cameras and lenses, primarily with Canon R5 and 5DSR bodies and L-series lenses ranging from 14mm through to 400mm.

Q: How are the water photos made?
A: Derek uses an Aquatech water housing for his Canon R5 and an Aquatica dive housing for his 5DSR. These gives him complete control of the camera's functions. He uses a series of ports to suit a range of lenses for different effects and situations. He swims with the camera using short fins made by DaFin for quick changes in direction and to help him get into the right position, which is usually right under the lip.

Q: Can we buy your images?
A: Yes, jump on to our gallery page and you will see the options available. We have limited edition series (limited to 10) and others that are limited to 50. Each print is numbered and signed.

Q: Can we purchase images for commercial usage?
A: Yes, just email us with the details of the image you'd like to license and we can help you out.

Q: Can we buy a digital image?
A: No, we do not sell the digital files – only prints.

Q: I was surfing during a session you were shooting at, can I see some of the other images?
A: We only run our best images in the report, but also make sure you watch our Facebook Page and Instagram feed.

Q: Can I come with you when you shoot photos to learn from you?
A: We hope to offer photowalks in the future as a way of sharing our knowledge with other photographers. Send an email to derek@boxoflight.com to register your interest.

Q: Where can we view more of your work?
A: Come and visit the Box of Light Gallery at 8 Castle Street, Dunedin, New Zealand, where you can see the images nice and big and framed beautifully.

Q: I want to buy a print for a friend, but can't decide which one – do you offer exchanges?
A: No, but we do have gift cards available. Check them out in our online store.

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