Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM

Build Quality

The 50mm lens is the new hero in anyone’s kit thanks to DSLR filmmakers who revel in the bokeh (the out of focus bits) of these wide-aperture pieces of glass. That’s spilled into stills, with sun flares and bold-bokeh effects finding favour in agency campaigns and with photo editors.

I bought this lens for two reasons: it’s fast and sharp at 1.4 and it’s small and lightweight (260g). Canon‘s 50mm 1.4 is the perfect lens for a backcountry trip when there isn’t any room for my heavier L-series mid-range zooms, but I also like to roam the streets with it when I’m at a new destination. You can blend into the background and capture moments incognito. Because it’s so small and non-intrusive I find that my subjects act more naturally. I also use this lens in my water housing on bigger, less-predictable days – it’s not as fast in the focus department as an L-series lens, but its attractive bokeh allows me to make some nice frames. The 50mm focal length is a good range for swimming in the line-up. It allows me to shoot from further away without dwarfing the size of the waves, like a wide-angle lens can do. It doesn't look like a pro lens, but it's a wolf in sheep's clothing.


  • Incredibly good value
  • Beautiful bokeh
  • Lightweight
  • Discrete size


  • It will make you dream about the EF50mm f/1.2
  • Small filter size (58mm)
  • Hood not included

Buy It If

... you like street photography and want a lens that will let you blend into the crowd. It will also suit anyone exploring film with their DSLR or wanting a short focus mid-length lens for low-light stills photography.

RRP* $599.00* Pricing correct at the time of product launch. Prices subject to change. For the latest pricing check with your local Canon Authorised Dealer.
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